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Policies and Procedures

In furthering our aim to provide the highest standard of care, to all the children at Oakview Village Childcare we have carefully drafted a series of Policies and Procedures. All of our Policies and Procedures are available for parents to peruse. A complete list of these Policies and Procedures is included in our Parents and Carers Handbook.

Policies Procedures



At Oakview Village Childcare we implement the High Scope approach to teaching and learning.  The philosophy behind High Scope, based on Jean Piaget’s ideas, is that children should be involved in their own learning. They ‘learn by doing’, often working with hands on materials and carrying out projects of their own choice.  High Scope’s approach encompasses all aspects of child development and involves teacher and parents in supporting and extending children’s emotional, intellectual, social, and physical skills and abilities. The central concepts associated with the High Scope’s approach are Active Learning, Adult- Child Interaction, Learning environment, Daily Routine, Assessment, Key experiences and Plan-Do-Review.

Active Learning - We believe that children learn best by pursuing their personal interests and goals, children in High Scope’s settings are encourages to make choices about materials and activities throughout the day. Children explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems, and interact with classmates and adults.

Adult-Child Interaction - The adults working with the children see themselves as facilitators or partners than managers or supervisors. High scope training emphasizes positive interaction strategies: sharing control with children, focusing on children’s strengths, forming authentic relationships with children, supporting children’s play ideas, and adopting a problem-solving approach to social conflict.

Learning Environment - the space and materials in a high scope setting are carefully arranged to promote active learning. The centre is divided into interest areas organized around specific kinds of play; for example, block area, house area, small toy area, sand and water area, book area and art area.

Daily Routine - High Scope teachers give preschoolers a sense of control over events of the day by planning a consistent daily routine that enables the children to anticipate what happens next. Central elements of the preschool daily routine include plan-do-review, sequence, small and large group times, greeting time and outside time.

Assessment - High Scope teachers are trained to use the High Scope Child Observation Record (COR) for ages 2-6 to evaluate children’s developmental progress. Teachers take daily anecdotal notes on children’s developmentally significant behaviors during children’s normal activities in the program.

Special Needs - High Scope teachers approach children with special needs by emphasizing the broad cognitive, social, and physical abilities that are important for all children rather than by focusing on the child’s deficits. The teacher identifies where the child with special needs is developmentally, and then provides a rich range of experiences that would be appropriate at their level of development.


securityA safe, secure environment is obviously of great importance to any parent leaving their child in a Childcare setting, which is why our Centre has Secure Access Systems and CCTV and card swipe entrance.

Cameras are situated in each of the main rooms and play areas. 24 cameras are strategically placed to cover all entrances and approaches to the building.

References and thorough background checks will be performed on all staff and support personnel at Oakview Village Childcare and all will be vetted by the new Garda vetting unit in Thurles. All staff are medically screened prior to employment and are required to undergo regular screening checkups. Using the CCTV system, management will monitor interactions between the children and staff to further ensure their safety and security.


KitchenAt Oakview Village Childcare we promote healthy eating and value the importance of nutrition.

Children, who are dropped in early morning, may have breakfast at the centre.  All children will get a morning break followed at lunchtime by a nutritious dinner, which is provided by Little Dinners and prepared daily for the Centre by our qualified staff. Meals have a balance of carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruit. For those children who are being picked up a little later, supper, which may be hot or cold, is served around 4.00pm.

Our aim is to provide a varied and nutritional menu which the children enjoy. By introducing different tastes and textures at an early stage children are not as fussy at eating as they get older. We are also equipped to accommodate children who have special dietary requirements. The menu for each day is on display for parents to see in reception and is also downloadable at:



Food Preparation Assistant: Niamh Mannion

Niamh is responsible for preparing all the meals for our children at the Centre on a daily basis. Niamh has worked with us since June 2013. She has completed HACCP and Food Safety training and furthermore has a certificate in Hygiene skills.