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TEL: (0)66 - 7127400

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Nursery Room


Babies and Toddlers have their own room which is decorated in bright pastel colours.  They have materials and equipment which aid their cognitive, emotional and physical development. They are stimulated in a learning capacity where there is an element of holistic play in their equipment.  In addition there are mirrors and tactile equipment and toys to satisfy their natural curiosity. They can toddle, wobble or crawl to their hearts content.

They have their own sleeping and changing areas where toddlers are nurtured and loved in a bright and spacious environment. Toddlers’ progress is monitored and parents receive daily feedback. Parents are also welcome at any time to discuss their child’s ever changing needs.

The Willows Nuirsery/Toddler Room has a capacity of 13 children. It has two air conditioned sleep rooms, a changing room, a milk kitchen and more. Hygiene is maintained to a very high standard. The High Scope method of teaching for infants/ toddlers is implemented throughout the daily routine.