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Headstart Preschool and Naíonra

preschoolThe children have really developed into wonderful, articulate, happy go lucky, independent kids by the time they reach our preschool. Here in the mornings, during the school year they can enjoy preschool education following the "Highscope" approach to early learning.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will work with children through a variety of activities, which encourages them physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially as they grow in independence.

The children are encouraged to express themselves through music and dance, they learn through arts and crafts and they partake in little projects.

Oakview Village Childcare has also provided the enhanced service of its very own Naíonra since 2011. What this means is that a specific room is set aside and in this room, a preschool service is offered through the medium of Irish. This is a great opportunity for families raising their children through Irish, hoping to send them to Irish-language primary schools or just encouraging them to develop fluency in our native tongue.

The children enrolled in the Naíonra have exactly the same standard of care as the other children in the centre and the Early Childhood Curriculum is adapted and implemented. The only difference being that the children have the added advantage of an additional language when starting primary education.